His Dad is a biker, and James Jr is the fastest Tuff Cub on the block, tearing through the neighbourhood as fast as his legs will pedal. He is bold and determined, and a terror to flower gardens everywhere!

His Dad may break concrete all day, but Hank Jr knows how to take out a pile of blocks! He wants to be just like his Dad when he grows up, and he is practicing by driving the neighbourhood crazy at 7am on a Saturday morning!

George Jr is a cowboy through and through! He is the Sherriff in this neighbourhood! He is going to round up all the Tuff Cubs who are cattle rustlers, and put them in the big house!

Mac Jr has been watching his Dad fix everything in the house. So when Dad is sleeping in on a Saturday morning, Mac Jr is busy fixing pipes and hammering on every surface he can find. Maybe that is why there is a fountain in the kitchen sink now…..

He is armed with an axe, and not afraid to use it – even if it is on house plants! Paul Jr’s enthusiasm for his Dads’ work is only overshadowed by his desire to fill his Dads’ boots – and shirt, one day.

He doesn’t mind getting dirty – in fact, it seems as if he may like it – a little too much! Tex Jr’s enthusiasm and curiosity gets him into all sorts of messy trouble! And he’s been trying to find out what all the fuss is about with this oil stuff!