This Tuff Bear likes the open road and doesn't take any nonsense! He likes to hang with his pack, tearing up the roads and making some noise!

This all-round worker will help anywhere in a pinch. He works hard, and is a real Mr. Fix-it! He is reliable, and always eager to help! 

George The Cowboy Bear is a ranch hand who is polite, humble and one hell of a great guy to be around! He's more at home tending cattle than being in the city, but when the sun goes down he sure enjoys a good line dance! 


This hard working bear cuts down trees and works with his axe outdoors every day! Not afraid to get his hands dirty, he provides a valuable service keeping the home fires burning with lumber. His favourite spot is deep in the woods, or next to you

This Construction Bear works hard all day breaking down concrete on a construction site. He is skilled and efficient and comes home tired from using his whole body all day.