Tuff Bears has been in operation since 2018. We are a small business based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Prior to 2018 Tuff Bears was based out of Toronto, Ontario where it was strictly custom sculptures (and had not gained the Tuff Bears title yet). Times change, so do locations, and so does technology. With the advancement of 3-D software and printing it became possible to make Tuff Bears and Tuff Cubs more accessible to people. We hope you enjoy Tuff Bears and Tuff Cubs as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Each Tuff Bear and Tuff Cub has been designed in 3-D software, 3-D printed, and hand painted. 


Tuff Bears & Tuff Cubs are first designed in computer in 3-D sculpting software. Initially they were sculpted by hand, 3-D scanned, touched up in 3-D software and printed. 


The computer software has allowed for more detail and refinement than the process of sculpting, scanning, etc and so has now become the main source of design. When the designs are complete, the digital files are transferred to the 3-D Printer.

Once the digital file is uploaded to the printer it begins its process of printing.


The printers build up the figures over the course of many hours, layer by layer. 

As soon as the printing is completed, each figure is painted by hand. This is a time consuming process as each figure takes several hours to paint. When painting is completed the Tuff Bears and Tuff Cubs are ready for packaging. 


The boxes are designed and assembled here by us at Tuff Bears. The Tuff Bears and Tuff Cubs are then placed in their individual packages and are ready for you to take home.


Questions? Drop us an email! We'd love to hear from you!