Each Tuff Bears and Tuff Cubs figure has been designed, physically sculpted, 3-D scanned, or sculpted in computer, 3-D printed, and hand painted. 

Working with Sculpey, Tuff Bears are sculpted and shaped meticulously by hand, before being scanned on the 3d scanner.

Tuff Cubs are "sculpted" in computer, which eliminates the need for scanning, and therefor can go directly to the 3-D printing process.

The 3D scanner can take many passes to scan the Tuff Bear sculptures in order to get the cleanest render possible. This takes a minimum of 3 passes with the scanner. Once all scans are completed and combined, the scans are "cleaned up" in the computer to ensure the 3D mould of the Tuff Bear is nicely refined before moving on to 3-D printing.

The 3D printers take the digital file and reproduce each figure scaled to match one another in height, but each one unique. This can take anywhere from as little as 4 hours for magnets and as much as 20 hours for a figure. 

As soon as the printing is completed, each figure is painted by hand. This is a time consuming process as each figure takes many many hours to paint. When painting is completed the Tuff Bears and Tuff Cubs are ready for packaging. 

The boxes are designed here by us at Tuff Bears and are printed locally in Calgary. When the prints are done we bring them back to Tuff bears where we cut and fully assemble them. The Tuff Bears and Tuff Cubs are then placed in their individual packages and ready for you to take home.

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